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The display cabinet Mizar represents the ideal solution for all the situations, including the cases where the depth could be a constraint for a wall cabinet having traditional overall dimensions.Such result has been achieved through a deep study, which has led to the reduction of the dimension of both base and height from the floor, ensuring anyhow a remarkable loading capacity.The thin edges and the wide panoramic end panels reduce the perception of its presence, favouring the products displayed in the cabinet, which are well visible and easily reachable.All models are equipped with doors in low-emissivity glass. This allows a positive saving of energy costs and the consequent reduction of operating costs and environmental impact.


Innovative line of cabinets whose distinctive feature is the reduced dimensions on ground, which guarantees minimum visual impact due to the reduced external depth.All models can be ducted and in the normal temperature version, offer a clear view from the shoulders that makes for excellent product visibility.


Full range of cabinets (normal temperature - open, normal temperature with doors, low temperature, low temperature combined) with all model variants that can include ducting and height H200 and H216, this is a particularly innovative and versatile line.The normal temperature models offer a broad view from the shoulders, the versions with doors are equipped with low-e glazing to reduce heat loss and allow significant energy savings.The H216 models offer the opportunity to mount 6 rows of shelves.


Refrigerated wall cabinet, designed for the display of packaged foods. Thanks to years of experience in this product sector, Oscartielle realized a "plug-in" wall cabinet just 35 cm above the floor with the possibility of adding a 5th shelf. The result is a handsome looking cabinet with a high display volume.The cabinet can be multiplexed. It can be supplied with incorporated or remote compressor unit.


Andromeda 2 is a vertical unit with a glass door, designed to be positioned on top of horizontal walls from the Pegaso and Urano 2 family, or similar display units.Thanks to its own supporting structure, the unit can also be positioned on top of existing units, thus representing a valid opportunity to extend display space without taking up further space without occupying further retail space.The unit is available in variants equipped with refrigerant gas R290 and "inverter" technology