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The serve-over cabinet Major incorporates a good display depth, with an aesthetical aspect defined by soft lines, enhanced by the corner elements with spherical glasses. It represents the natural evolution of this type of serve-over counter.Always looking for the union between design and ergonomics, the benefit of this cabinet is the absence of rear supports, which highlights the modern design and provides unrestricted access to the products displayed, together with easier cleaning operations.


Showcase expressly designed for the display and sale in small shops.


Gemma is a refrigerated cabinet having a large display area. The absence of the superstructure grants a total visibility on the products, highlighting the quality and freshness of the products. The accuracy on the design ensures performances suitable to the display and sale of the most delicate food, granting high level results.


Display case with ventilated refrigeration, available in pastry and ice cream verions, both with or without refrigeration unit.Its modern design, realised through an accurate ergonomic research, guarantees wide display surface, excellent visibility of the displayed products and easiness of service, thanks to the absence of the rear uprights and to the inclined display surface in the ice cream version.The cabinet can be ordered without aesthetic finishing, in order to allow the personalisation required by interior designers.